What is it?

Adult education is an Employment Ontario program that provides training in French at no cost. It enables adults of all ages to improve their skills in order to reach their full potential at home, in school, in the community and at work. It includes various fields of study such as reading, writing, numeracy, computers, interpersonal relationships and managing your learning.

Benefits of adult education

Adult education:

  • is customized, tailored to the needs of learners;
  • is provided in one-on-one settings;
  • is provided in small or large groups;
  • may be done online;
  • improves your skills.

Our services

  1. Information and referrals
    The purpose of this service is to inform people about the various services provided by the learning centres and by Employment Ontario, and to direct them towards other services when necessary. 
  2. Assessment
    The assessment allows centres to determine which skills each learner must improve to reach his or her goals. This assessment ensures that each person receives tailor-made training that fits his or her needs and goals. 
  3. Development of a learning plan
    After the assessment, the learner develops a learning plan with his or her trainer. The learning plan sets out the various steps the learner must complete in order to reach his or her goal. 
  4. Training
    At this step, the centre provides learners with tailor-made training. The training can be provided in groups, individually, in person, or online. 
  5. Follow‑up
    The follow-up enables centres to monitor the learner’s progress, three, six and twelve months after he or she has finished training.
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